The meat we use comes from a family slaughterhouse specializing in beef.
We have been cooperating with a strictly selected group of cattle breeders for many years.
We control the way of feeding cattle, the way to the plant, slaughtering and cutting the meat.


Every piece of meat is selected by us. We season the meat in strictly defined conditions in two ways.
“Dry” maturing elements stay for a minimum of 28 days in a special closet.
During this process we control temperature, humidity and air flow.
During wet seasoning, the meat is matured in a vacuum bag at the appropriate temperature for approximately 14 days.


Our offer includes a large selection of steaks with rare cuts.
We have T-Bone, Tomahawk, Ribeye, Bavatee and Porterhouse steaks in various sizes from 200 g to more than 1 kg.


Grilling takes place in a charcoal-fired oven, which reaches a temperature of up to 500 degrees.
It makes the meat perfectly fried and creates an unique and authentic taste.
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